Pulse development

Up till now, we are fulfilling our proposed schedule and the interface is working as described below. Although we are working separately in each part of the project, we have managed to integrate it all into a satisfactory product so far.

In terms of interface, we’ve worked using the iphone existing interface as a base for our own interface. This way we: -Make the most out of the mental models existing in iphone users. -Don’t need to re-do any distance or size analysis, assuming that apple already did so. Therefore, it’ not up to us to concern about the size of a button to be accesible and easily clickable with the finger.

So, considering the iphone interface as a basic grid and even a palette suggestion (we used some of the iphone standard objects), we built our graphic design to both suggest the objective of our app (a sort of futuristic-bloody video game) and to harmonize with the iphone graphics that are to be present anyway in the screen (the clock, battery charge, next and done).

The only deflection of this norm(apart from the game screen, obviously) is the entry screen, with the “create” and “view invites” buttons. We intended to give a clear signal of being starting our application.

In what changes are concerned, we incorporated all the setup variables of the game into a single screen (this is a change from the paper prototype),since before we didn’t gave any feedback about the settings already set in the game creation, which may have caused confusions or distortions of the intentions of the user. Out of the same problem, we now know too that it would be useful to incorporate an “edit game settings” control that does not deletes the game, but we will not try to incorporate this into this version of the app.

For next week, we will finalize the integration of both coding and graphic work, as reported in the schedule.