Dennis Ramirez is the technical director at USC, an award winning educational game designer. Dennis is interested in how new technologies are used in, and out, of the classroom to support learning. His main area of research focuses on how failure impacts learning, especially in games. Dennis received his doctorate from the department of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Prior to attending UW-Madison, Dennis received his MA in Learning Design and technology from Stanford University and an Honors BS in Computer Science from the University of New Mexico with an emphasis on Machine Learning. Dennis is the recipient of several fellowships, notably the Gates Millennium Graduate Fellowship.

Dennis has worked on several independent projects as well as games sponsored by OLPC, NIH, NSF, and the DoD. Currently, he works at the Games Learning Society Center with Kurt Squire developing educational videogames.

Dennis has given talks around the world including venues such as the LEGO headquarters in Denmark, Arhus University Denmark, Hilversum The Netherlands, Stanford University, The University of Wisconsin Madison, the University of New Mexico and many others.

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