By Dennis

I should write a retrospective.

I’m more than halfway done but I still haven’t decided what my favorite games are. Hopefully, I’ll do that soon. This week I’m battling a rather nasty bug, but I’m still making progress.

See, proof.
See, proof.

It’s an RPG system I’ve built from scratch and I thought it would be fun to make a playable version of this video. It’ll be up an playable soon.

I LIED. The prototype still isn’t completed. Instead I decided to go off and make a start up. We secured a bit of funding and placed second in a state-wide competition, so that’s cool I suppose. The retrospective is complete, though.

Game A Week #27 Bots

Play Bots

Over half way done!

Bots has been in development of a while, so making the remake of it in a week went much smoother. Bots started out as a control the area game, but evolved to include some programming aspects.

Game A Week #26 The Z-Files

Play The Z-Files

I always wanted to do an X-Files inspired game. Instead of being Mulder or Scully, I wanted to create an experience where you were part of the conspiracy. The result is a game where you actively try to omit facts reported on a field report leaving the notes that cast doubt, so it’s more of a smoking man simulator I suppose.

Game A Week #25 Candy Sort

Play Candy Sort

I was under a bit of a time crunch this week, but since it’s still (sort of) the Halloween season I decided to borrow the code base for shamrocks and build a game about sorting candy. The game is a bit cheesy, but I like some cheese with my Halloween. It brings back fun memories.

Game A Week #23

Play Only Who?

I’m going to level with you, this game isn’t my best. I’m not sure what I expected when I decided to make a game based off of a Simpsons gag, but here we are. The good thing is I was able to put it together relatively quickly, and for some players unfamiliar with the gag there are a few chuckles. If it made one person laugh it can’t be all that bad.

Game A Week #21 Shamrocks

Play Shamrocks

I never find four leaf clovers, unlike my friend Erin who has the uncanny ability to find them. I mean seriously. She fills up whole books with them. WHOLE. BOOKS. Anyway, I wanted to make a game around the frustrating experience of trying to fins a four leaf clover amongst the lesser three leaf variety. Plus, I wanted to see if I could implement a drag and drop system into my games since I hadn’t done that before. Shamrocks is the result.

I have found 2 four leaf clovers since I’ve made this game. I have added them to my game design notebook in the hopes that some of the luck rubs off on the pages.