Pulse Story Board

For my story board I chose to represent the task of a player playing king of the hill offensively. There are 3 ways our group discussed in which a player can play offensively. One is of course to score. In order to score players must get to the hill and stay there as long a s possible. The more time on the hill the more points you get. The next way to play offensively is to use virtual weapons. There are 2 types of virtual weapons, bombs and mines. Bombs can be used immediately and affect the surrounding players. Mines can be set at a given location and later detonated from a distance. In all cases players must move to a predefined area whether it be to get on the hill, or to pick up a weapon. These areas are found by searching for their icon in the in game map. Weapons are used/detonated by pressing the weapon’s image on the screen.