Pulse Paper Prototype

During our prototyping we hoped to solidify our designs while at the same time identifying and correcting any flaws that we encountered. We chose to create an oversized representation of our interface to achieve a better simulation and to allow for better observation. Had we kept the prototype the same size as an actual ipod touch/phone we would not have been able to effectively manipulate the quickly changing user interface. For the construction of the interface we used a frame made of foam core and several inserts made of paper and transparent film. We chose to use a frame because we reasoned that our application would have many different screens, and that having a permanent frame would help to simulate the process as a whole. We chose to user paper and film because we found that the different screens and overlays could be created and modified easily.

The major tasks we focused on in our simulation were accepting an invitation, creating a game, and playing the game offensively. Creating a game includes setting the game map, setting the game’s start/run time, inviting players, and selecting teams. Accepting an invitation involves getting a notification, launching the application, reviewing the games you have been invited to, and selecting a game you wish to play. Playing consists of using weapons and scoring by moving onto the hill area.