POW! Game design and other things


MuSe design

Design was also an important part of the MuSe project. Each member of the MuSe team sketched detailed sketches of possible prototypes which would later be developed and tested.

MuSe development

The most challenging part of creating muse was designing for our specific age group. The Muse prototype itself underwent 10 different iterations before we happened upon the Idea of Pitchpads.

Muse Learning Theory / Design

Sensory education Intrinsic link of senses and mind. Children must experience concepts, not just learn them. (Montessori) Young children learn through physical interaction. They test their physical boundaries because it’s new to them by playing, running, jumping, screaming, dancing, climbing, etc. Play is the heart of Waldorf kindergarten (Steiner) From the interview with music teacher/observation… […]