FairPlay Heatmap

VR Data Visualization

As a part of my research on educational games, I deal with a lot of in-game data trying to figure out what players are doing. This is really helpful for iterative design because the collected data can point out things like where players quit, how long players play, and what parts of a game are …

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Visioneers Design Challenege

For the 3rd year in a row I helped out with the Visioneers Design Challenge, and it was great! Visioneer Design Challenge is a statewide learning program and competition for high school and middle school students interested in design arts connecting with professional designers in each field. 3 Years ago, Ryan, Amanda, Arnie and I …

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Game-A-Week #32 J’Accuse

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the wedding reception of some close friends. During that time, a group of us stumbled across a copy of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. Inside the old wooden box, there were a ton of questions each written on a card the size of an apples to apples card. …

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Game A Week #31 Dino Jump

Play Dino Jump! I was inspired to make an endless runner when Amanda and I saw a squirrel fall out of a tree. The squirrel landed, dazed, looked around a bit as if to say “Well… that was odd” and then climbed up the nearest tree. We had never seen a squirrel fall out of …

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Game A week #30 ech.OS

Play, ech.OS in the twiny jam! When reading Neuromancer, one of the things that stayed with me was Gibson’s description of Dixie Flatline’s saved consciousness. The consciousness was saved as ROM (Read only memory) which meant that while it could interact with the protagonist, and offer advice, it could never generate new associations or memories. …

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Game A Week #29 Extinction Event

Play Extinction Event Sometimes making a game is easy, other times I don’t really have a good idea of what I want to make. This game is a result of not having an idea. Rather than trying to brainstorm ideas on paper, I decided to make a toy in unity and see what ideas followed …

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Night Watch VR

Game A Week #28 1/2

Night Watch 3d! At GDC I was lucky enough to play around with google cardboard, and loved it. I had been eying an Oculus devkit, but didn’t pull the trigger because of the cost. But at $20 I had no excuse to delay vr dev on cardboard. Google has a really helpful page about developing …

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Night Watch

Game A Week #28 Night Watch

Play Night Watch! This was a fun one. I’ve been thinking about games that only use gyroscopic controls, and Night Watch came out of that brainstorm. I tried to think of reasons why you wouldn’t be able to move and I thought of being scared stiff, or being dared to not move for a specific …

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Game A Week

This challenge started innocently enough, with a tweet from Ana wondering if anyone would like to take on the GameAWeek challenge. Because of that tweet, and awesome group formed comprised of Melissa, Mark, and James. Since then our group has made a lot of games, and even presented those games at a conference! it just …

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Intelligence Crisis: Codename MACBETH

Game Description: In MACBETH, players, called “analysts,” are presented with a fictional scenario of an impending terrorist attack, and their task is to figure out who the suspect is, where the attack will occur, and what method of attack will be used. MACBETH is a turn-based game, where a human participant plays cooperatively with two …

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